Just recently we finished our first ever workshops (you can watch them on demand now!) which incidentally was held online both in English (September 23rd,2021) and in Spanish (September 24th,2021) due to the ongoing COVID restrictions but also because we wanted to provide access to people from around the world to be able to join.

One of the key things about instrument flight procedure design (IFPD) is the fact that to get training, consulting and mentorship it is sometimes hard and expensive. We of course know that the initial training could be a long 4-8 weeks depending on the topics and depth covered and even so it is almost impossible to go over all of the required parts in that amount of time.

In a sense instructors get comfort knowing that delivering every single point is not needed but the basic building blocks only as it is expected that the PANS OPS procedure designer trainee will eventually go back to their organization and with the knowledge obtain will receive on-the-job training by a qualified procedure designer.

However the reality is that:

  • Many countries do not have qualified procedure designers and are just trying to build capacity
  • In many cases the procedure designers would want to have someone to be able to bounce ideas specially considering that PANS OPS Doc 8168 Vol II is not written in a very easy to understand way
  • Sometimes you just want to see how other procedure designers do things and see if you can use something in your workflow

Considering the above we decided to give it a go and provide a small 2 hour workshop with AirNavCAD with the idea that it served as a small refresher (automation is good but kills our brains) and also provided the opportunity for those that wanted to either get more training using a real case example or just wanted to see if the workflows presented fitted in their daily operations

We had 13 participants between both sessions, it was an awesome experience where we were able to deliver the content and answered questions during the training. For sure there were details that need to be ironed out for new offerings in the future and we will probably need to find a balance between the topics that are of interest depending on the skill level of participants.

Screenshot of the English session

Thank you to all of our colleagues that decided to trust us with the opportunity to provide this event and we are looking into ways to be able to fulfill some of the requests made during the training like:

  • Providing clearer diagrams than those provided in PANS OPS Doc 8168 Vol II including creating additional ones where the document is lacking of them
  • More training workshops similar to the one delivered

There are a lot of things we want to do and if you will want to keep posted we encourage to join our newsletter

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