FLYGHT7 becomes probably the first and only QGIS certified/accredited organization to provide training exclusively for aviation using what we believe is one of the most advanced GIS systems in the world and being it opensource is just the cherry on top of the cake.

Getting the QGIS certification is an important step for us as an organization so that we are able to deliver training upholding to the highest standards, it also means it is easier for trainees to demonstrate to regulators that the training received is compliant to a standard, in this case we are fulfilling the community guidelines for training set up by the QGIS community.

Within aviation we have to comply with the requirements set up in many documents, we need to be able to demonstrate that we are able to do tasks and perform them well and usually it also means that regulators will ask that any software that we use for aeronautical purposes has appropriate training behind it. Every trained person will each receive an official, employer-verifiable certification from similar to this one (template to be still defined, but you get the idea)

Certificates are able to be validated which provides an additional layer of safety and makes it easy for anyone to verify the certificate is valid.

Since FLYGHT7 niche is aviation it means that we organize all our QGIS training around the sector, all of our examples, case studies and lectures are done considering aeronautical charts, obstacle limitation surfaces, instrument flight procedure design, asset management within an airport environment, data collection for foreign object debris (FOD) and much more.

Our staff has for more than a decade dedicated to producing quality aviation GIS data and using both proprietary and opensource software, upon the launch of FLYGHT7 we decided that QGIS was not only a great tool for us as an organization to use but we can start creating tools and training specific for the aviation sector we are within.

Besides by taking a certified QGIS training you are contributing indirectly to the QGIS project since each certificate we provide you we are then giving 20 euros to the QGIS project that will be used to support even more the maintenance and the development of new features.

Currently we have the courses available:

You can get more information at our website or contact us using our form

If you want to learn more what is the QGIS Certification Programme follow this link


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