Using spreadsheets (Excel) for PANS OPS Workshop
Part I

Welcome to our exclusive workshop on “Using spreadsheets (Excel) for PANS OPS”!

In this dynamic 1.5-hour session, we’ll demystify the intricacies of PANS-OPS and guide you through harnessing the power of Microsoft Excel for precise and efficient calculations.

Whether you’re a seasoned aviation professional or new to the field, this workshop is tailored to equip you with essential Excel skills to tackle PANS-OPS scenarios effectively.

Join us as we navigate through Excel basics, essential functions, advanced features, and practical applications in the context of real-world aviation scenarios.

Prepare to elevate your proficiency in both Excel and PANS-OPS calculations in this engaging and hands-on learning experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and boost your confidence in the critical domain of air navigation services!

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1.5HR Virtual Class + additional material


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Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop participants will

  • Understand how using a spreadsheet software can improve their design workflow
  • Automate tasks with repeatable calculations
  • Create a basic spreadsheet for calculating PANS OPS parameters


  • General Aviation Knowledge and as a minimum the Basic PANS OPS course
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Access to a spreadsheet software, MS Excel is recommended but other software may be used

Technical Requirements

Online sessions was delivered via Zoom. Recording is provided in training platform

A minimum 1.8 Mbps is recommended to follow along the sessions at 720p HD video and 3 Mbps for 1080p HD video

  • A minimum 1.8 Mbps is recommended to follow along the sessions at 720p HD video and 3 Mbps for 1080p HD video
  • A second screen, iPAD or other device is recommended to follow sessions to do exercises with instructor.
  • Zoom is the platform for virtual classroom training

Course Content

  • Spreadsheet software options
  • MS Excel as a tool for automation
  • Quick introduction to key Excel functions.
  • Mathematical functions for PANS-OPS calculations
  • Conditional formatting for data visualization
  • Using data validation for accuracy
  • Walkthrough of a real-life PANS-OPS scenario

The workshop will be recorded and available for six months in the LMS for review and future reference. At the end of this workshop a Participation Certificate will be provided

About the instructor

Antonio Locandro - FLYGHT7

  • Civil Engineer
  • Instrument Flight Procedure Designer with 13 years experience in Civil Aviation which includes Geographic Information System (GIS) advanced uses for terrain modelling and obstacle assessment
  • Contributes to the QGIS project by documenting bugs, adding feature requests, personal donations and providing awareness in the aviation community about using it for aeronautical purposes
  • Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Aeronautical Charting Expert serving as IFAIMA advisor for the ICAO AIM-WG-A
  • Member of IFAIMA and IFPDAVA

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