Online Instrument Flight Procedure Design
(Basic PANS OPS)

The course provides the essential knowledge on PANS-OPS ICAO Doc 8168 Volume II (Construction of Visual & Instrument Flight Procedures) and provides in depth knowledge of the protection areas and obstacle clearance requirements for the achievement of safe and regular instrument flight operations.

You will learn the general theoretical background that is required to construct the correct protection areas for the different types of Conventional procedures and be prepared for future advanced training in PBN.

Each teaching activity is accompanied by hands-on exercises that will enable participants to apply and consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired during the different lessons.

As this is an online course, it may not be suited for every need and everyone. Learning in a virtual classroom environment is different than face to face, you will need to embrace the difference in training style. Additionally, this online option takes longer to complete than onsite training. Please make sure before registering that this is the type of training you would like to seek.

The course is composed of modules that are taken in a particular timeframe, approximately every four to five weeks a one-week break is provided.

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July 1st, 2024

Weekly 4 hr. live Virtual Class + additional material. Live sessions
TUE and THU 1400-1600UTC


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Learning Objectives

At the end of this course participants will have the general Instrument Flight Procedure Design (IFPD) knowledge for the design of Conventional Procedures including ENR, STARs, VOR, NDB, ILS, LOC only and SID procedures.

Throughout the learning experience participants will have several hands-on exercises to consolidate knowledge and will be taught on how to create a technical report in compliance with IFPD requirements.


  • General Aviation Knowledge
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Math knowledge about trigonometry and linear equations (required)
  • Knowledge of CAD or GIS would be an asset for drawing digitally rather than using pen or paper, but it is not mandatory.

Technical Requirements

  • A minimum of 1.8 Mbps is recommended to follow along the sessions at 720p HD video and 3 Mbps for 1080p HD video.
  • A second screen, iPad or other device is recommended to follow sessions to do exercises with instructor.
  • Zoom is the platform for virtual classroom training.

Course Content

Each week we will have live classes Tuesday and Thursday 1400-1600 UTC. You will also have some pre-recorded sessions depending on the module.

* Note: Each week’s workload is approximately between 4 hours live training, 2 hours self-paced work through recorded materials or classwork and the number of hours you require to study the material and present exercises for review.

Live classes can be watched later as recording will be available, effectively making this a self-paced course if that suits your schedule and you can join anytime if you choose the self-paced learning style.

Questions will be answered through our discussion forum, email or via the channels we put in place.

  • Introduction to PANS-OPS Vol II & General Design Criteria
  • Quality Assurance
  • Aircraft speeds
  • ISA temperature
  • Bank angle, rate of turn and turn radius.
  • Turn Protection including wind spirals and bounding circles.
  • fix formation, fix tolerance areas.
  • Minimum Obstacle Clearance (MOC)
  • ENR criteria
  • Minimum Sector Altitudes (MSA)
  • Area Minimum Altitudes (AMA)

  • Arrival Segment (STAR)
  • Initial Approach Segment 
  • Intermediate Approach Segment
  • Final Approach Segment
  • Visual Segment Surface (VSS)
  • Visual Maneuvering (Circling)
  • Missed Approach Segment
  • Course Reversals

At the end a VOR/DME procedure is to be designed as a class exercise in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

  • Precision approach segment general criteria
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) components.
  • Assessing the precision segment for CAT I and CAT II:
    • Basic ILS Surfaces
    • Obstacles Assessment Surfaces (OAS)
    • Collision Risk Model (CRM)
  • Missed approach segment.
  • Course reversal considerations
  • GP U/S (Localizer Only)

At the end a LOC and ILS CAT I procedure is to be designed as a class exercise in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

Note: Focus will be on conventional navigation as ILS procedures are able to have PBN transitions.

  • Departure general criteria
  • Obstacle Identification Surface (OIS)
  • Procedure Design Gradient (PDG)
  • Track adjustments and track guidance
  • Turn at an Altitude (TNA/H)
  • Turn at a Point
  • Omnidirectional Departures

At the end three SID procedures are to be designed as a class exercise in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

All sessions will be recorded and available for twelve months in the LMS for review and future reference. At the end a Training Certificate will be provided [1]

[1] The certificate is issued under the State regulation of the Republic of Honduras where FLYGHT7 is headquartered and has official permit for conducting the training activity under supervision and continuous audit of the Agencia Hondureña de Aviación Civil (AHAC)

About the instructor

Antonio Locandro - FLYGHT7

  • Civil Engineer
  • Instrument Flight Procedure Designer with 16 years experience in Civil Aviation which includes Geographic Information System (GIS) advanced uses for terrain modelling and obstacle assessment
  • Contributes to the QGIS project by documenting bugs, adding feature requests, personal donations and providing awareness in the aviation community about using it for aeronautical purposes
  • Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Aeronautical Charting Expert serving as IFAIMA advisor for the ICAO AIM-WG-A
  • Member of IFAIMA and IFPDAVA

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